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Recent Tips and Articles by DuctlessWayne

5 Benefits Of Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Once upon a time, heating and air conditioning for Cleveland properties was one size fits all. If a single zone in your home was too cold or too hot, your energy monster of an air conditioning system would come on and run and run and run […]

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Ductless AC Solutions For Lufkin Properties

It was the warmest of times, it was the coolest of times. Temperatures in Cleveland, TX can fluctuate from the hottest to the coldest, and that can take a toll on your central air conditioning system. But there is a solution to heating and air conditioning […]

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The Truth About Low-End Mini Splits: Buyer Beware

In the world of HVAC systems, the allure of a bargain is often overshadowed by the hidden costs and compromises associated with low-end products. One such example is the influx of low-quality ductless mini splits flooding the market, especially from regions like Mexico. These units, often […]

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