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Floor-Mount Ductless AC For More Energy-Efficient Cleveland, TX Properties

Floor mounted mini split

Floor-mount ductless AC equipment is a flexible solution for heating and cooling a single room or your entire Cleveland, TX home. If you've been looking for a professional floor-mount ductless AC specialist in the Cleveland, TX area, DuctlessWayne has the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide you with quality that will exceed your expectations.

At DuctlessWayne, our promise to our Cleveland, TX air conditioning clients is to offer flexible air conditioning solutions that will improve your indoor air quality, maximize your comfort, and save you money on your monthly energy bills. To request a free quote for a floor-mount ductless AC installation in the Cleveland, TX area, call DuctlessWayne today at 832-470-4057.

Floor Mounted Mini Split

Whether you need temperature control for a single room or multiple zones, a floor-mounted mini-split system is a flexible option for your Cleveland, TX home. Many floor-mounted mini-split units feature rapid heating and cooling capabilities along with a multi-flow vane to evenly distribute airflow for consistent temperatures.

Ductless mini-split technology offers a variety of applications, including:

  • Primary bedrooms
  • Building additions
  • Garages & basements
  • Room conversions
  • Home offices

Choosing the right floor-mounted mini split for your Cleveland, TX property is easy when you leave it to the pros at DuctlessWayne. We'll help you design a floor-mount ductless AC system that meets your needs and keeps you and your family in total comfort.

Up To $2000 Tax Credit

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners are eligible beginning in 2023 for a tax credit of 30% of the cost for heat pumps up to $2000. To find out more about which types and models of heat pumps qualify and if you meet the requirements for tax liability, consult your tax advisor.

Up to 40% More Efficient Than Conventional Systems

Some Mitsubishi AC equipment can lower the amount of electricity used while using zero fossil fuels. Conventional systems require that the system cuts on and off to regulate temperature, but Mitsubishi electric systems allow optimum control of frequency to maintain temperatures.

Benefits Of A Ductless AC System

Ductless AC systems are much more efficient than traditional ducted HVAC systems thanks to their ability to control temperature by zones. Higher efficiency means that a ductless AC system is more environmentally-friendly and uses less energy, which lowers your energy costs.

Ductless AC systems offer flexible installation and can provide your Cleveland, TX property with year-round comfort. They come in a variety of options for installation, including:

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is the technology of the future, and it's available to you today from the air conditioning specialists at DuctlessWayne. Call us today to request a free quote.

Cleveland, TX's Certified Mitsubishi Pro Elite Dealer

When you trust your wall, ceiling, or floor-mount ductless AC installation to a certified Mitsubishi Pro Elite Dealer, you're not just getting the best products on the market, but you're also getting an experienced and knowledgeable air conditioning specialist with the tools and training to ensure you receive the highest level of quality.

As a Mitsubishi Pro Elite Dealer, DuctlessWayne is able to offer a 12-year warranty on all parts and labor for your Cleveland, TX ductless AC installation project. To request a free quote in the Cleveland, TX area, call DuctlessWayne at 832-470-4057 or contact us using our easy online form.


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